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Smartphone Beanbags

This is what you are looking for! PolliMolli® MINI™. Beanbag with compact size and design like its name…This is for your smartphone, the most valuable item. Now seat your smartphone in Beanbag ^^.

Put it to seat not lie


Your smartphone looking up the sealing on the desk!  Wearing of protection film and covering with case is not enough yet. Now you can make eye contact with your smartphone. You don’t’ need to find the phone covered with books or drop the phone being hit carelessly. Prepare a place only for the smartphone.

Free angle


Smartphone Beanbag with complete different concept from general cell phone holder. Unlike metal holder, it is adjusted with free angle required. You can check the message with one hand and enjoy videos with your arms folded.

It is OK for Samsung Galaxy Note3


Of course you can use it for Galaxy Note3. It will be OK if they are not bigger than your smartphone. Enjoy from smartphone to every mobile device with PolliMolli® MINI™, convenient to use and stylish during display (?) ~.

Put, look at and clean


There is one thing you looked for during long flight time of business trip or watching movie or playing game with your smartphone. Something to put the smartphone on! Now take the phone together with PolliMolli® MINI™! It is convenient to carry as it is light and small. You can enjoy your smartphone with required angle in comfortable position. It is made of soft suede so you can clean the phone with it and it is not easily slipped with abrupt movement of airplane.

14 Colors of luxury suede


It is made of high quality suede fabric which is very similar to natural suede. It has soft and natural touch, and deep texture. Select one among 14 colors from bright casual to classic! Of course, you can wash it.

Water-repellent & Antistatic


The fabric is functional water repellent fabric which water can’t penetrate in but flows in rolls. If it is stained with water or beverage, shaking them off. You know static is not good for a electric device, don’t you? It is specially treated with anti-static finish so dust is not stained easily.

Replaceable filling


You can replace the filling by opening the zipper on the bottom of the product. If the filling of Styrofoam grains is pushed hard or gets pressure, its volume reduces. You can meet MINI of another feeling, if you use it by replacing the filling with small grains like rice or beans according to your preference.

Safety locking zipper


Safety zipper of international standard  protects children. it prevents fillings get into respiratory organ of children through auto-lock safety zipper with no handle and adhesion that is hard for children to open.

Perfect Gift!


A neat and unique package… You can see the color and texture of the contents with a clear window. It’s perfect for international gift as the manaul is written in multi languages. Show your heart with this burdenless gift~~



ITEMPolliMolli® MINI™
USESmartphone stand
SIZEProduct: 103x125x85(H)mm
Case: 95x30x100(H)mm
WEIGHT17g (net), 32g(included case)
MATERIALCover: Suede fabric (polyester 100%)
Filling: Polystyrene beads
PATENTDesign Reg.No. 30-0437718