It has already been almost two months since I purchased PolliMolli beanbag 104k.

It has already been almost two months since I purchased the beanbag. I am posting this review after using it enough. First of all, would you like to take a look at my beanbag? LOL!




LOL! Doesn’t it look great?

PolliMolli Bean Bag has become my favorite place for resting. (I have moved away my old sofa.) I am posting this review after using as well as testing it enough for two months!

It was Seoul Animation Center where I first saw PolliMolli Bean Bag. It was placed in a room in which we could watch video materials.


Without much thinking, I was just tempted to lie down on the beanbag as soon as I saw it. Yeah, it was that kind of space! As I was lying down and rolling over on the beanbag, saying “Wow! It’s so comfortable!” a staff came over and told me that only a person who had booked for a video material was allowed to use the beanbag. I was so embarrassed and had to get up right away! LOL! I think I’ve wanted to get one of the beanbags since then.

However, even then, I didn’t have a specific need for the beanbag, nor did I know which company manufactured such a comfortable one. And, time went by… In the end of 2015 (over a year after I saw the beanbag first time)… One day, I was trying to read a book sitting and adjusting my posture on a sofa and started to feel so uncomfortable. And, out of nowhere! I remembered the beanbag I had seen a while before and decided to get one like that.

And, I started to search on Internet. I had already learned how comfortable it was, so I looked for one based on its practicality. After numerous searches, I found PolliMolli that really captivated my mind.

Come to think of it, the one that I saw in Seoul Animation Center was PolliMolli Bean Bag as well. What on earth! Was I destined to find it, anyway?


I believe the main reason I picked PolliMolli (also my primary concern) was that it has a reliable filler and fabric. “It shouldn’t get dirty easily.” “If so, it should be easy to clean it.” In that respect, PolliMolli appeared to be very attractive. It is made of a functional fabric that is highly water resistant. So, if you happen to spill some drink, you can just wipe it off without leaving a stain.


There are also three cats in my house, and I’ve already had much problem with them using my sofa. (They totally destroyed it!) Easy to wash! Thanks to the dual cover, it is so easy to separate the outer cover and wash it. Moreover, if necessary, it is also possible to wash the inner cover as well. How cool is that? After learning all these features, I thought that was it!

Plus, I liked the fact that it uses EPP filler which perfectly meets my needs as I wanted to get long-lasting filler. As a matter of fact, I thought all the fillers were same, but it wasn’t true.


It turned out that the most commonly used EPS filler is made of a general packing Styrofoam. Of course, it gets easily squashed and has a weak resilience. By contrast, PolliMolli Bean Bag’s filler, EPP, is resilient and durable enough to be used in car bumpers. Most of all, isn’t it a common sense that the quality of filler should be maintained for a long period of time?


Also, I love the fact that no chemical was used in producing the filler. Non-toxic! “Water vapor is used to produce the filler!” So, at last, I determined to get PolliMolli Bean Bag.

I didn’t know about the difference in comfortableness among other brands, but now (after using it for a month) I can tell that they have been trying to describe this unique comfortableness that perfectly and stably supports your entire body. Anyhow… LOL!

Then, I thought I was ready to get one, but I was wrong! I had to decide which model I should go with. It wasn’t easy at all! When it comes to a beanbag, a basic model may look like this!


Yeah! It truly looked like a beanbag! So nice that it should be able to represent the company, PolliMolli! Also, the models posing beautifully on the beanbags caught my attention as well.

This is 701K model. It appeared to be good for resting comfortably sitting or lying there. But, what I really wanted was one that I could comfortably use when reading a book, and I thought I’d feel a little uncomfortable on my neck with this model.

Even with a sofa, you’d feel a little uncomfortable if there is no headrest. Well… If necessary, you could use a pillow, though. Fortunately, PolliMolli has a variety of designs and models, so stop worrying about it!


I thought this 104K model would do the job! Support my head comfortably! If needed, the headrest can be hidden and changed in different shapes freely. So, I selected this model! Plus, there was a wide variety of colors as well! So many selections!


Among all those various and unique colors, I picked… Of course, nothing tacky! Beige! LOL! I suppose most people would probably pick this color considering all the colors of their furniture in their houses. I made my choice in these criteria, and I am fully satisfied with the color. But, sometimes I find myself attracted to eye-catching colors, though! LOL!


Yeah, this unstoppable greed! Anyway… I think the beige color I have chosen has a slight hint of khaki color and goes with my furniture pretty well. In my opinion, I think you can expect to get the pretty much same color as it appears to be on your screen. I was so thrilled while waiting for my beanbag after placing the order from my favorite mall. Before long, it was delivered to my house. Just in a couple of days! But, it felt like a couple of months! After I got it and opened the package, I first checked the fabric. (I really value the practicality after all! LOL!)


It felt fluffy enough and looked like it wouldn’t get dirty easily. The surface may look a little rough (because this photo was taken zoomed-in), but it is not rough at all! I strongly recommend it for any family that has a child or a pet! No need to worry about damage!

The package has the inner cover with filler and the neatly folded outer cover. It was so neatly packaged when delivered, but I forgot to take a photo of it. Yeah… I was too excited and just tore off the plastic cover.


Anyhow, I should put the covers together and start to assemble it now, shouldn’t I?


At first, looking at the inner cover as shown in the photo, I thought the inner cover should be filled with more filler. But, I tried not to be so anxious about it because I knew that if I participated in an event by posting a review, I could get additional 50L of filler. I just thought I could easily add more filler if needed. LOL! Later, after sitting on it a few times, I realized that I shouldn’t have worried about it at all, though.

I happened to find the user’s manual that shows how to put the covers together while I was trying to thrust everything in carelessly in my own clumsy way. Actually, the small user’s manual came with the beanbag, but I failed to notice it at first. LOL! Oh, yeah! Now, I understand it all!


While trying to find a good spot to tie the lace on the inner cover, I noticed this adorable shape in a position.


The outer cover has a lace in an appropriate length to make it easy for me to tie it up.


This shows the outer cover and inner cover securely tied up together in a correct way.


You see they are properly connected together so that there is no loose part? If you tie the laces correctly, you can say the assembly is almost finished.


After tying up the laces, just close the zipper to complete the assembly.


After closing up the zipper and looking at the beanbag, I was a little embarrassed honestly. The headrest appeared to not be fluffy and strong enough. So, I tried to tap and pat the beanbag to reshape and move the filler around. Well… That’s it! This will do!



When you actually sit on the beanbag, you can feel the filler, which seemed slightly insufficient at first, move around to adjust to your body line and start to support your entire body firmly and comfortably. Plus, I was told that it weighs 5.1kg, but it felt a lot lighter than the actual weight when I tried to move it around.


After placing the beanbag in my living room and throwing myself down on it to watch TV, I started to experience a new kind of comfortableness from the headrest. Yeah! It definitely feels comfortable! Cool! I love it!


To check on a unique feature in 104K model, which is also called Transformer Bean Bag, I put the headrest in, turned it 90 degrees, and spread it.


Doesn’t it look like a VIP lounge? Well… It looks like it is asking me to throw myself down on it again. Then, I shall do so!


Oh, well… I feel sleepy now. As far as relaxation and comfortableness are concerned, nothing can beat this beanbag!


I put the headrest in and turn it 90 degrees. It surely wraps around and adjusts to my entire body. LOL! When you put the headrest and place it as usual, it looks like a sofa, and the seat holds more filler, which results in elevating the seat slightly.


This isn’t bad, either. Rather, it introduces another comfortable posture without the headrest.


However, I just prefer the most basic form. It can support my neck and allows me to sit facing forwards and lean against it comfortably, no matter what I do.


After spending a few days enjoying this incredible beanbag, a gift (extra filler) that I had applied for (by just posting a very simple review) was delivered.


Look at this! Even the packaging box looks great! Awesome! LOL! There are 4 separate bags of EPP filler in the box. They said they’d give out 50L, but I have received 15L * 4 bags = 60L. LOL! I’ve got enough!


The new and clean filler even refreshes my mood.

I don’t think I need them now, so I keep them in my storage room. They are so easy to be stored! I am so impressed by their thoughtfulness again!

While using the beanbag for a month, the biggest complaint I’ve got is that my younger brother wants to keep it near him and use it all the time.


Doesn’t it look so comfortable? LOL!


That’s mine, though! When I come home from work, I find my cats (that have already discovered how comfortable my beanbag is) lying on my beanbag and warming up the seat for me!


Comfortableness that makes you want to stay in, not to get up! They have noticed that as well! LOL!

The comfortableness is just a basic feature! I want to give an extra point for its practicality! Thank you so much, PolliMolli Bean Bag 104K!

I’d like to strongly recommend it for a family that has a child or a pet. (A young child can make as much damage as a pet, right? But, this beanbag doesn’t get damaged even when you scratch it as much as you can. It is super durable! Incredibly strong fabric!)

That’s him! To end this endless war, I guess I’ll have to purchase another one, won’t I? LOL! I thought it wasn’t cheap, but I’d like to tell you it is really worth your spending before finishing my review.

PolliMolli is confidently offering a free trial period as well, so just come and give it a try!

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