How to use


Please tie the strings located in the same spot on each inner and outer cover.



0. Delivered in its own PolliMolli waterproof bag.

Inside the bag you will find the outer cover and inner cover with the filling.

After carefully wiping down the waterproof bag, you can use it to store season-off clothes or bedding.

– These are the instructions for putting on the covers of the models #701, #702, #501 and #301. The model used in the examples is #501.


1. Take out the inner cover as shown in the picture.

Place the beanbag by laying the center stitching line(arrow) of the inner cover face up as in the picture.


2. Spread out the outer cover and check the center stitching line.

The outer cover also has a center stitching line, as shown in the picture(arrow). [#301 model is an exception]

Please make sure that both center stitching lines are aligned when covering the beanbag with its outer cover.


3. Turn half of the outer cover inside out so that the strings attached to outer cover can be tied to its corresponding corner of inner cover.

Each corner has different color strings. Please tie the same color strings together.


4. Tie same color strings at the bottom together.

At each end of the lower part of the beanbag, there are white and orange strigns. Tie each string to its corresponding color string tightly, making sure it won’t come lose.


5. Cover the beanbag with the outer cover.

It will be easier, if you gently push the beanbag into the outer cover.

Make sure the inner cover is not turned 180 degree when tying the strings near the zipper.


6. After covering, tie the same color strings together and close the zipper.

After filling the outer cover with the inner beanbag, check one more time whether the outer and inner central stitching lines are aligned and whether all strings are tied to the same colors. (blue to blue, pink to pink)


7. Hold on to the two bottom corners and shake out so the inner cover can fall into place.

After tying all color strings to its own color string and closing zipper, grab hold of the bottom two corners and shake out for the beanbag to fall into place, as shown in the picture.


8. Ready to sit down

If the inner beanbag does not fill each corner of the outer cover, repeat step 9 again. If the same problem persists, open the zipper and check all strings are tied properly to their corresponding strings.

After everything is in place, position the corner circled in the picture to its upright position.



1. Open zippers of inner and outer covers

Warning! Choking Hazard.

Keep away infants and children from refilling place. Small lightweight beads are dangerous to children if swallowed or inhaled. This may cause airway obstruction.

There is no a handle of zipper for children’s safety. Please use a clip as shown the picture.


2. Spray a little water around inlet with a spray gun

It is highly recommended that two persons do the refilling work together.

Spraying a little water around the inlet of inner cover prevents beans from sticking or flying caused by static electricity.

The beads are so light as to easily cause static electricity in the dry Autumn and Winter.

If you have spilt beans on the floor, spray water over to put them back or clean them up with vacuum cleaner.


3. Add little by little, fill adequately

Slightly open the mouth of the packing bag and release slowly and little by little.  Pouring at once may cause spill.

It’s ideal to get back to the volume when the bean bag was purchased as new. Filling too much will decrease the comfort of beanbag.



Outer covers made of Airmesh, Cotton, Polyester and Jacquard

Turn it inside out, and you can wash it easily by washing machine.


Outer covers made of Nylon

Nylon cover has water repellent surface and waterproof back. Clean with soft cloth soaked with neutral detergent and wait for natural dry. You can wash, but if you wash it frequently, water repellent surface may become weak.


Outer covers made of synthetic leather

Do not wash. Clean with soft cloth soaked with neutral detergent.

Please wash according to the information on each care label.


recyclePolliMolli™ waterproof packing bag can be used for various purposes.

For the first time in the industry, we have designed the reusable packing bag in an effort to prevent the environmental damage and waste of resources caused by abandonment of packing materials. The waterproof fabrics assure easy removal of dirts from transportation, and its refined design offers various uses. PolliMolli’s concern about customers and environment reaches every corner including packing materials.


warning_nobabyWarning! Choking Hazard

Be cautious for infants and children not to put the beads into their mouth, nose or ears. This may cause airway obstruction.

safetyzipSafety locking zipper

Safety locking zipper of international standard  protects children. There is no zipper handle for children’s safety. Please use a clip when you open and close.

Warning! Do not open the zipper when children are present.

warning_fireBe careful of heat of fire

Put the beanbags away from flame and heat of fire.