Review of PolliMolli 104K Charcoal color with a foot stool


Hi! I am Marmello

I’ve finally bought a PolliMolli bean bag after many days of thinking about it. Well, I usually leave a review after purchase. But since there is a review event, I will write a review in more detail. I tend to write better at late nights.


Well, I first started to think about buying a bean bag because of a friend. I went to a friend’s place and saw this bean bag. Wow, what on earth is this thing?

So that’s how I learned about a bean bag. I don’t quite remember the exact brand name of hers because it’s almost a year ago. But I remembered how comfortable it was. I searched online for a bean bag but it was not affordable. You all agree, right? In fact, it is quite expensive for students who have tight budgets. I looked for sales or special promotions. But even with a promotion, it was still quite expensive.


I searched on and off but I was frustrated. I wanted it so much but couldn’t buy it easily. ㅜㅜ I read a lot of reviews and wanted it even more. One of the brands that I encountered the most online was PolliMolli. Since it’s not cheap, you want to buy the perfect one.

I wanted to buy the one that could worth the price. I saved up money and searched online for several months. Finally, I chose the one. There were many brands available but PolliMolli got my attention.

There was a review who said that she switched from another brand to PolliMolli and she was really happy about it. Also, many new moms seem to use it when nursing. PolliMolli seems to use quality material and it has a three-day money back guarantee. And those returned products were sold at outlet stores. There were many reasons to trust PolliMolli. At first, I thought about buying 701 model. Because its price was rather affordable among other models and it was the most common bean bag style, the triangular shaped bean bag.

Then I found 104K model!



It was more expensive than the 701 model but it has 4 in 1 functions. If you open the zipper, neck support appears. And you can use it for other functions if you close the zipper. 185cm tall person can use it and in general, it seemed thicker than 701 model.

Also, one of the shopping malls that I use offered 104K model and I received a coupon. If I use the coupon, I could buy it with the money I saved. So close to a purchase! Yes, it’s a divine calling. If I don’t buy it now, I will regret. My finger pressed the proceed button and one day the bean bag was delivered. I thought about getting the point color bean bag but finally chose the charcoal color, which would blend well with my room.



And here it was!!! It came in a bag as I saw in the reviews. I took off the delivery label and kept the bag for other uses. I heard PolliMolli puts the product in a reusable waterproof bag to save our environment. It was bigger than I thought. I asked my boyfriend, who is 182 cm tall, to carry it on his back. I could only see his legs. hehe But it was light enough for a woman to hold it with one hand. I was surprised.


Finally opening the bag!! It was died with cable ties to prevent the opening during delivery. I cut them off with scissors. It was filled with white fillers. It wasn’t tight so I didn’t have trouble taking it out. You don’t have to worry about bean bags being squashed.


Are components simple? I liked it because the cover was wrapped in a plastic bag separately. I tied the inner part easily. I think there is no need to tie it too tightly tied. Tie it enough to make sure that covers and fillers are held together. There aren’t many knots that you need to tie. So I could complete it fast. I heard when you buy other brands you need to pour fillers inside the cover. But PolliMolli was really simple.



Finally finished! In a year, I finally my own bean bag. I was really happy because I bought it with my own savings and took a lot of time researching for it. The charcoal color is really pretty! It’s much more pretty in reality. You can count on me.

I was going to buy red or green that could stand out. But I read in reviews that charcoal color is pretty. Then thinking about my white room, I finally chose charcoal. It’s much better than the picture. It’s elegant and the head rest is gray. The picture doesn’t show properly. And I’ve sat on it!!!!


Wow!! It was really nice!!! I’ve realized why people rave about PolliMolli. I didn’t regret my investment and it was much better than the one I saw at my friend’s place. Maybe because it’s new…. It embraces my body so warmly. I just wanted to sleep on it. I won’t need a bed anymore.

Try it out. I hope everyone agree. ㅠ ㅠ I hope everyone tries it out.

Since 2006, PolliMolli provides three-day money back guarantee service. So everyone just order it and try it out! You may think I am exaggerating but the moment I sat on it, I really wanted to share the amazing experience with you. Trust me. ㅠㅠ

At first, my parents asked me what on earth did I buy. But once they sat on it, they refused to get up. They want to take it away from me~

We are fighting over the bean bag to watch TV. But I saved money for a year to buy it. But, my parents don’t seem to care. hahaha If you are interested but not sure about it, try it for three days. You will not regret! I can strongly recommend it because I liked it so much. I hope you all try it out.


And this is just a footstool. Well, the bean bag is the main product and foot stool is an accessory. Sort of a supplement? But foot stool itself is pretty good. I think you could buy this separately. It is filled with fillers and I like to relax around with this.

Well, I complained that the footstool is too expensive. You know it’s quite necessary but still an accessory. But when I got it, I felt sorry that I complained. It has a variety of uses. You can use it with regular chairs or you can use it as a leg support when you sleep.


I saw in some reviews that PolliMolli lacks fillers. So I thought I will participate in the free fillers event. But I realized that more fillers are not always good. Having the just right amount of fillers is much better. And fillers they’ve sent were sufficient. It embraces the body nicely. If it had more fillers, it would have been too plump.

So the amount of fillers was just right. And I heard that PolliMolli fillers have greater resilience than other brands. It was a really satisfactory shopping. I feel so proud.


And anyone who read my review and got interested in PolliMolli bean bags. I have a great tip for you! PolliMolli runs various events. Make use of those events. Not just once but twice~ When we buy something we really like, we like to write a review and tell everyone about it, right?

  1. If you write a review on review board on Homeplex ( they will give you fillers of 50L as a gift! (you need to pay the shipment)
  2. If you write a review in PolliMolli internet cafe (, they will give you a mini bean bag as a gift (you need to pay the shipment)

So you can get fillers and mini bean bags by just writing a review!

Also, there are other events like sharing on Facebook or Kakao story. So look out for those events as well.

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