The long-awaited PolliMolli bean bag 104K has finally arrived~!

The long-awaited PolliMolli bean bag 104K has finally arrived~!


In 8 years, I finally moved out of a semi-basement studio room. I was so happy that I almost cried. I was looking forward to buying a sofa to put it in my new living room when I move. That was my plan.


However, after I signed the contract, I went to the house and measured here and there. Oh no! The size of the living room was not wide enough to buy a nice sofa for four. I gave up on the sofa for four and looked for sofas for three. But there weren’t pretty. Also, since sofa cannot be disassembled, it seemed that it would be difficult to bring in the sofa through my front door. I would need to call a ladder truck if I order them.


So for a while, I was frustrated. Time went by. The I accidently encountered the BEAN BAG! When I saw PolliMolli bean bags for the first time, it didn’t look pretty. They seemed comfortable. But that was it.

Then I searched online about other bean bags. Then I found ‘*** Lounge’ bean bags. They had a fabulous design. And I thought my girlfriend would like it. I looked for the cheapest offer. Then read a lot of reviews on products, and details. I decided to buy PolliMolli instead.

Why I chose PolliMolli instead

– First, it is easy to clean. You can just wipe off PolliMolli while with other brands, you can’t. In regards to other brands, you need to manage them well like leather products. If something gets on them…… You buy the bean bags to relax but you might end up more stressed withother brands!

– Second, PolliMolli used EPP not EPS (the regular styrofoam)

A number of those who said that they purchased EPS products reviewed that the volume shrinks quite significantly within 1 or 2 months, sometimes 1 or 2 weeks. I didn’t like the idea of having to charge fillers within a month or two. When the fillers are charged, they will be full and not soft. That kind of turned me off. I thought the condition of EPP would last much longer than that of EPS.

So, after a lot of research, I decided to buy it on WEMAKEPRICE.

I ordered one first but the next day, I ordered another one. Because I was pretty sure that my girlfriend would take it away. I received both of them on the same day, because of the weekend that was in the middle. The day after I moved while I was organizing stuff, I’ve got a call. The delivery man didn’t know our neighborhood and he didn’t have a GPS. So I had to walk to the main street, meet him and ride on his car together. So finally, two bean bags arrived.


There are many reviews about how huge they were. I was wondering how big could they be? They are indeed pretty big…
(I am still organizing my house, there are a lot of stuff in the living room)


The picture of the red one that I failed to put it together. First, I took out the red one. I tried to tie the straps and organize the shape. But it won’t work. Later I’ve found out that I didn’t tie the straps properly.


So I untied them all and tied them properly. Then it got into its shape on its own. ㅜㅜ


The second one, the charcoal was easy.



They looked pretty side by side. My girlfriend who were complaining about the size and color when they were first delivered, she loved them after she sat on them. I’ve used them for about a month now. I think 104K was a perfect choice.

The neck support is really comfortable when watching TV. Well, if you watch it lying down, other models would be comfortable too. But if you want to watch TV in a sitting position, neck rest is really great. So, consider that during your purchase. If you are comparing PolliMolli with other brands or considering it between regular sofas,



Just go ahead. Once you sit on it, you will regret that you didn’t buy it earlier!!

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