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Are you working in this posture?

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This is correct. But are you in comfort?

Rapid increase of herniated cervical disc patients





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Any height as you like
Any angle as you like
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You can work in comfort with

Adjustable the angle whatever you want

‘Is it possible to do it comfortably leaning on my back? It would be great if I can do it lying down.’
You probably have thought of it at least once while using your laptop. It has been long time since the internet cord tying down your laptop has been gone, but it is hard to get away from the desk.

The best material, excellent durability

Do you know about the alloy wheel on luxury cars? All the body parts including the panel and the legs are made of aluminum anodizing material. It is much lighter than wood and steel and it can dissipate heat from the laptop very well. Anodizing means the treating the aluminum surface with electric and chemical oxidation foaming methods and is also known as Alu-mite. Through anodizing treatment the aluminum is able to reinforce the surface, resist abrasion, resist corrosion, and have a gentle and elegant impression.

Ultra light weight 1.9kg, working load 10kg

It only weighs 1.9kg but it is designed to withstand more than 10kg of weight. Most laptops weigh anywhere between 2-3kg so there is no problem using it as a laptop table.

Protection from laptop heat

Cooling holes

Durable laptop protector made of soft rubber

Upgraded joints

We have developed new joints.

Our new joints are more durable than old.

Beautiful & Safe Package